#12 – MISZELLEN | Mischpoke e.V., Mönchengladbach, Germany

Introduction: Ulrike Lua M.A.

29.07 – 14.08.2016

Photography: Evangelos Papadopoulos

#12 – MISZELLEN | Mischpoke e.V., 2016


Mischpoke e.V. in the monastery: Franziskanerstraße 30, 1st floor. 450 m², 18 cells, 18 artists. A laboratory situation in which completely different results can be expected under almost identical conditions in the form of 3 m x 6.50 m x 4 m – especially since the special spatial situation literally cries out for a series of individual exhibitions, which only when seen together produce the group exhibition concept typical of Mischpoke.